Bremer Homes in the Journal Gazette

Josh Bremer, owner of Bremer Homes, was contacted, quoted and chosen out of all the builders in the area to give his thoughts on what is trending in laundry rooms for an article published in the Journal Gazette. The article titled "Laundry Rooms to long for" was publish in the JG Home & Garden section on November, 15th and written by Rosa Salter Rodriguez.

Josh's quotes include: "Josh Bremer, owner of Bremer Homes LLC in Fort Wayne, says people are willing to devote more space in their homes to laundry rooms, with rooms the size of a small bedroom not uncommon.

“What’s trending now is … people realize they spend a lot of time in the laundry room, and it’s more a room than what it used to be. It used to be a closet,” he says. “If they spend almost as much time in the laundry room as the kitchen if they have a family, they don’t want it to be a dungeon.” 

So, lots of natural light, including a window, is a big request in laundry rooms, for practical reasons as well as aesthetics. After all, he says, “if you’re cleaning a stain off a piece of clothing, you want to be able to see it.

Clean white and light- ;­colored cabinetry and pastel blue and green and light- ;­neutral paint schemes also are trending, he says. “Light and airy” is the look, he says. “My opinion is the lighter the room, the happier and the cheerier it will be.”

People also want a drying rack, even if it’s just a clothes bar between cabinets, and a long counter for folding, as well as a separate sink, says Bremer, who adds that a larger laundry room might even have a separate island, with a utility sink and space for folding."

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